INSIGHT Platform

INSIGHT is a visual analysis and integration platform for big data created by MSI engineers and developers. The platform enables organizations to explore, analyze, mold, and understand their data.

Organizations can create their own custom interactive visualization solution, that collects data from various and large number of sources and devices; organizations can store, analyze, and visualize the data.

INSIGHT Capabilities

Big Data Visualization & Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Petabytes of Data Processing

Multiple Sources Data Ingestion
INSIGHT Features

Big Data Analysis
The platform allows users to analyze the data through its data analytics web interface.

Custom Dashboards
The platform provides the user the ability to create multiple dashboards.

Live Reports
The system allows the user to create dynamic, automated, and scheduled reports.

Machine Learning and AI
Expert users can create and automate analytical model buildings.

Secure Data
Access to data in one centralized platform on-premise to ensure data security.

Public Site & App
The platform allows the user to create his own public website and mobile app.
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