Planning and performance tool including augmented reality to manage, plan and implement networks, improve costs and enhance your customers’ Quality or Experience in the most efficient fashion possible.

FOCUS Optimizer

  • Site Information (CM + PM)
  • Dashboard
  • Neighbour Analyses
  • Interference Analysis
  • Tilt + Cross feeder Analysis
  • RF Condition Analysis
  • Neighbour Management
  • Freq/SC/PCI Planning
  • Drop & Block Call Reasoning

FOCUS Inspect

  • Centralized Platform for Drive test data for various platforms. (ROMES, TEMS, NEMO, SWISSQUAL and Xcal)
  • Bulk post processing, archiving with time stamps for easy access
  • BULK analysis:
    • - Identify areas of Interference
    • - Pilot pollution
    • - Swap sectors
    • - Missing neighbours and failure events


  • Neighbour optimisation including Adding or Deletion of neighbours
  • Deletion of neighbour based on Statistical evidence and data measurement
  • Addition of neighbours based on information measurements and coverage rules
  • Neighbour Optimisation Profiles applied for different seasons, different day of the week


RAN Configuration Management Component:
  • Create ad-hoc reports for all configuration management data
  • Create or extend network specific policies based on categories
  • Perform ad-hoc audits by creating reports (e.g. RET audits, NodeB/ENodeB licenses)
  • Store daily cell level of Network changes

FOCUS Mobile

  • FOCUS android application turns every UE into a potential drive testing tool
  • UE Records and Displays main radio parameters
  • Site Verification, Parameter Optimisation and Testing
  • Layer 3 Messages
  • Band Locking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On-site Activity Management
  • Automated Customer Experience Tests


  • RSCP, EcN0 and traffic
  • Frequency Layer (F1, F2, F3 etc.)
  • Hovering over each point (Average, Min, Max RSCP and EcN0 values)
  • Integrates with Existing Systems


  • User Interface
    • - Google map GIS interface
    • - Latest HTML 5, JavaScript Technology
    • - BI Platform JASPER
  • KPI View
  • BI and Reporting platform


  • Roll out Millstone Management
  • Automatic Optimization
  • BI and Reporting platform
  • Overshooting Sectors Analysis
  • PCI Clash


  • 3 Dimensional GIS
  • Mixed Reality
    • - Tactical Communications
    • - Medical Services
    • - Government Agencies
  • Enables interaction and collaboration in real time
  • Remote users are represented in 3D Avatars
  • Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring


  • Mobile bot Applications
  • Receives requests in natural language and returns textual answers or visualization
  • Available through social media networks
  • Machine learning capabilities for continues improvement