Strategy & Techno-economic Modelling

The modern network has fundamentally changed and the rate of change is likely to accelerate. Understanding the economic of your network is not easy and the old method of asking the vendor to simply respond to an RFP isn’t always the best way to reduce spend. So we have developed a method and tools that allow the operator to take back control.

We can independently model the CAPEX and OPEX and run various scenarios that aide the strategic decision process.

Technology & Network Strategy

We are experts in technology and network strategy. We can help to drive down the cost of your network whilst preserving the customer experience. The modern network is a multi-layer, multiservice and multi- technology environment. It takes specialist skills to integrate and model mMIMO or CloudAir, knowing when best to introduce them and when to shut down legacy technologies. We have built a special capability in network modelling and are creating innovative methods to connect our models using big data analytics. This allows us to create specific insights to your networks and customers behaviour.

Running Scenarios to improve operational efficiency

Often it is as important to understand the sensitivities of the business as it is to know the absolute costs or revenues. Our tools capability allows us to model a range of values for you. So, for instance it is often the case that the technology department is nervous of major marketing campaigns being launched that have unpredictable effects on the network loading and consequently the customer experience. Equally finance might question the level of investment required to sustain these demands. In either instance we can help verify these plans or help you form them.

The diagram above shows the actual output on an actual network. This capability allows us to benchmark and baseline vendor offers and reap cost savings from understanding the specific network trajectory and detailed technology such as the upgrade path and key points of the introduction of new technology.

An evolving Architecture

We are using our model to help operators reduce spend today. Our model is evolving to incorporate big data analytics and we are connecting it to our performance management platform, Focus.

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