MSI caters for the demand of operators and vendors to support across the network life cycle from the strategic planning phase through the design, optimisation and operations of today’s and future wireless networks. Keeping the balance between investments, network performance, cost optimisation and Maximum customer satisfaction.

We offer different ways to engage and support depending on your needs and operational model. This flexibility ensures we fit within your existing organisation by providing expertise, remote & local support, project management or full turnkey all-inclusive services.

We use our own state of the art tools and have established relationships with software and hardware providers in the industry to ensure that we provide swift, quality full turnkey with all the necessary resources included.

MSI brings to your projects independence, multivendor understanding, local and global experience, which in turn are reflected in our processes and management practices.




  • • Model tuning & consultancy services
  • • Regulatory services for spectrum mgt & monitoring
  • • Smartphone & network benchmarking services
  • • End-to-end network Audits
  • • In-building Strategy & turnkey solutions
  • • Fiber Networks
  • • CEM
  • • New network features evaluation and implementation
  • • Cost Optimization

  • • End-to-end network strategy, planning optimization & support services 2G/3G/4G
  • • Field support for radio and transmission survey
  • • Drive testing teams and network swap
  • • Vendor Management Services
  • • Managed Services, VAS and Core networks
  • • Signaling Optimization
  • • LTE Design and Optimization
  • • Special Events Design
  • • Overall Network Governance


MSI works with regulators and operators on a wide range of projects ranging from Development of the National Frequency plans and Frequency allocations. Interference Management, spectrum monitoring, spectrum pricing and setting the right policies and pricing.

MSI offers vendor independent consultancy services related to all aspects of spectrum management. From Spectrum valuation and cost modelling to spectum auctions and beauty contests through to spectrum policy and processes and frequency planning.

We have been helping regulators for the two decades to understand the value of the spectrum and put in place the processes to efficiently run, manage and monitor their spectrums

Tactical Communication Services

At MSI we understand the various tactical communication challenges that our customers encounter in their mission critical operations. We tailor cost-efficient flexible solutions, designed with the latest technology to support secure services for voice, high speed data and video communications.

Our customers include civil defence agencies looking to enhance their disaster readiness and disaster response, as well as the military requiring secure communications in the digital battlefield and private companies with specific industrial communications needs.


  • MSI teams up with Sia Partners for unrivalled Cyber Security consulting services.

    Sia Partners have a long history in Cyber Security services spanning over a decade. With over 1000 consultants and experts in 20 offices world-wide (the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific).

    MSI and SIA Partners work across multiple industries (government, finance, transportation, insurance, utilities and energy) covering transversal function from regulatory to cost optimization including cyber security. Our Reference customers include many industry giants and market leaders.

    Cyber & Information Security - Strategy:
    • IS/CS strategy definition and implementation
    • Analysis and definition of IS/CS architecture (business requirements definition, as-is assessment, to-be definition...)
    • IS/CS Operations Excellence, from a people, processes and technology perspectives:
      • IS/CS org structure and JDs definition and implementation
      • IS/CS processes definition and implementation
      • IS/CS technology assessment, proof of concepts, vendors selection and evaluation
      • IS/CS governance: cyber security program management, scorecards and KPIs definition, security cost optimization, cyber assurance, continuous improvement, risk assessment
      • IS/CS Training & Awareness: Development and implementation of a Training & Awareness Plan, roll-out & Development of content
      • Assistance with RFP Process on complex cyber security programs & solution

Cyber & Information Security – SIA Partners main credentials