IT and Cyber-Security

MSI improves Clients efficiency for Threat Hunting and Critical network protection ability

E2E Network Security

MSI’s E2E Network Security includes areas such as Strategy, Awareness and data Protection Programs to offer clients a unique opportunity to gain insights from the latest global development in cybersecurity.

Strategy of Cyber & Information Security

  • Definition and deployment of IS and Cyber Security strategies; Analysis of IS and security landscape
  • Assistance in RFP Process on complex cyber security programs & solutions

Operational excellence in Security

  • Security Cost Optimization
  • Risk transfer & Cyber Insurance
  • Security Operations

Advisory Services

  • Strategy, Roadmap and Compliance; Security Risk Assessment; Security Governance
  • Cyber Security Operations
  • Cyberattack Recovery Propositions

Data Protection and Awareness Program

  • Monitor the security framework; Facilitate future attacks; Data Leakage Prevention; Perform a gap analysis
  • Business continuity strategy
  • Measure success; Multimodal approach; Develop the Data Protection plan