Technology Strategy

MSI assists telecom operators and regulatory to win in the digital revolution

Operational Excellence

Our experts have strong knowledge in Technology with extensive Business know-how in the telecoms industry, hence we are ideally positioned to deliver optimum end to end results.

Roadmap Development

  • Technology Trends Underpinning MSI Strategy Execution,
  • Ecosystem Strategy with investment in new 5G verticals aligned with market opportunity

Infrastructure Resilience Audits

  • Comprehensive audit of operators’ network
  • Assessment of technologies evolution trends in the relevant bands

Measuring QoS/Benchmark

  • Study the current and future status of the ICT sector,
  • International comparative analysis of ICT sector contributions in other markets.

National Broadband Strategy

  • Market definition, designation and dominance,
  • Future of ITC
  • Technologies evolution and international spectrum bands allocation.