Next Generation Network

Here at MSI we have an enviable reputation for being at the leading edge of Network Planning and Optimisation. We now have a tightly coupled solution that is delivering economically efficient networks and incorporates a high degree of automation. We have invested in developing our end-to-end solution. We plan and manage some of the most demanding networks in the world with some of the highest throughputs. We bring both Focus, our platform and deep knowledge and skills.

From Vision to Implementation

At MSI we have end-to-end processes that integrate the planning tightly to the overall network master plan and project plan. This ensures that the planning is not done in isolation from the business planning and Project Implementation Plans. It allows us to bring superior insight and value for our customers.

We start with the vision and strategy and if you want, we can help you create these from a market perspective. Of course the focus these days is on the operational efficiency and we help major telecom operators optimise their CAPEX and OPEX ahead of the planning activity. We find savings in the upgrade path from new technologies including mMIMO and Cloud Air type solutions and determine when and how to introduce them. A major challenge is going to be re-architecting the network for 5G. We are already helping our customers prepare for 5G.

From Vision to Implementation

Our next generation platform is being coupled to big data sources to provide rich information for superior planning efficiency and optimal customer experience. This enables us to plan differentiated service offerings and a granular approach to both planning and optimising the network. Focus, our SON and productivity platform couples to multiple data sources from multiple vendors. What is more it can track the deployment and performance of the network in real time.

Focus, our delivery platform

Focus is our delivery platform and productivity tool. It incorporates a SON engine, ticketing system, Project Management functionality and workflow management, that ultimately allows your operation to function more effectively, track network problems more closely and manage a project and subcontractors effectively. We use it with some of the most complex and demanding networks in the world.

Vendor Neutral, Cost Effective and Value driven

Often the network planning function resides with the vendor. We can help to benchmark and audit their plans. We are entirely independent from the vendors and can assist operators bring back control of their network economics and performance. The advantage is both a cost optimised network and a differentiated service proposition for your end customers. Today big data, analytics and automation are playing a ever larger role in network planning, design and operation. MSI is at the forefront of these developments and we bring the expertise to drive innovation with highly experienced consultants.

We usually start by developing an understanding of your specific needs and goals. We will then propose a solution specific to your setting and co-create a solution brings the maximum value to your operation.