Finding a trusted project partner for major programmes of work can be fraught with risk.

Often you need a partner that has the depth and breadth of skills, with elastic resources and difficult to find tacit skills to bring successful project outcomes. We have been a trusted partner around the world for more than 20 years and bring just such experience and skills.

Once you have established the budgets, rollout plan and assigned vendors its often a major challenge to rollout new technology. Frequently the operations team has a day job: managing your customers experience and taking care of the network. We can assemble expert teams to help. We have supervise the vendor and ensure that the KPI’s and SLA is being met. We help you determine when key payment milestones have been met and ensure all the documentation is consistent with the contract.

We take the risk of your programmes but we also help to embed added benefits. We ensure the correct governance processes are in place keeping you in control throughout delivery. We also focus on transferring skills to ensure a long term sustainable improvement for your organisation. We can also help to create an enterprise PMO that ensures consistency across projects and that all projects are managed as a portfolio: that individually and together they aligned.

Lasting Change for the Enterprise

So, not only can we run a project on your behalf but we can also embed the process and methods into your organisation which has broader and deeper value. We bring the practices developed from managing our customers projects over the past 20 years.

A consistent method in everything we do

Focus is our delivery platform. It consists of a powerful project management toolset which allows the creation of a master plan, establishing the milestones, creating the work packages and performing site verification. It also has a trouble ticketing system for onward operations and maintenance once a site is put into service. We usually start by developing an understanding of your specific needs and goals. We will then propose a solution specific to your setting and co-create a solution brings the maximum value to your operation.

A consistent method in everything we do

To summarise, MSI brings a wealth of experience with great project managers who are experts in their domain to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and within budget. We can help from forming the strategy to creating the market plans through developing the Project Implementation Plan and ultimate delivery all of which can be underpinned using our delivery platform Focus.