5G - Business and Network Planning

5G is on its way and at MSI we have been helping our valued customers to get ready. It will truly represent a paradigm shift and combines many technologies. Not only will there be densification of the RAN and new RAN technologies but it will involve automation of many current processes and virtualisation of much of the existing network and support systems. What is more, this shift in architecture will mandate much higher levels of security.

Here at MSI we have we are helping our customers to develop use cases and understand the network demands and business case for 5G across various verticals.

Our solutions

We have a set of solutions to address the needs of evolving 5G telco businesses.

CAPEX Planning

We have a set of solutions to address the needs of evolving 5G telco businesses.

Technology Acquisition - RFPs

We have made an early start in drawing up plans to transform networks for 5G and acquiring 5G NR technology across multiple vendors. This establishes MSI as trusted independent experts to manage 5G RFP’s and design of the underlying networks. We have managed the end-to-end process from architecture design, to issuance of the RFP’s.

A common question from our clients is where to deploy new technology for the best ROI. Our techno- economic capability and model answers this question and enables rapid iteration of various scenarios.

Virtualisation and Security

We are ready with a set of solutions across virtualisation security and automation (with our RAN management suite “Focus”). We are assisting operators globally.

Experienced Consultants

We have a large number of experts, ready now, with experiences from global operators and vendors who are ready to assist you with your plans. We can bring these global lessons and transfer the knowledge to your staff and we have an extensive global back office that supports our consulting engagements.